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Three weeks ago, I attended a meeting with Master Planning Co-Chair Janeen Hansen, our architect, consultants from the construction and engineering companies as well as our owner’s project manager, all of whom came together to further refine the scope and cost of our heating system replacement project. The project has moved from the early design phase and the initial estimate which was based on what was known at the time – to the development of a more refined cost estimate based on the components of the project.


As this team of experts presented their findings from their research of the church building over this past month, it became clear that plans for repairing the heating system are tied to other work that needs to be addressed at this time as well. While the ceilings are open in the nursery school for example, it will be more efficient and cost-effective to replace outdated lighting fixtures and install the fire protection system at that time. This assessment by the contractors and engineers has determined that the scope of this first phase of our church’s renovation – as well as its cost – will be greater than originally estimated. A detailed overview of the heating system replacement project follows.


Based on this latest development, Church Council at its meeting on April 9 moved to call a Special Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, May 12 following the worship service to seek approval to proceed with this refined plan and related funding. Further information about the scope and cost of this project will be provided in the coming weeks. In preparation for this meeting, an informational session this coming Sunday, April 28, will be held to provide you with additional details and to answer any questions you may have.


As one who discovered that the vanity I chose for a bathroom renovation did not fit the space once the walls were opened up and the plumbing exposed, I have a greater appreciation for the complexity involved in defining the scope and cost of a project of this scale for our church that has a long building history. And yet having had the opportunity to meet with and listen to the individuals tasked with this project, I have confidence in their expertise as well as in their commitment to the care and renovation of this sacred space.


Please mark your calendars for this important meeting of the congregation on May 12. Your participation and voice matter – as it is our collective discernment that determines the next step on our church journey and in our life as a faith community.

In service and faith,

Mary Hill Canavan, Gintas Vildzius, Christopher Stowell – Office of the Moderator


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