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The Members of the First Congregational Church in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, qualified to vote, are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting of said church will be held on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at approximately 11:00 a.m., immediately following the Sunday worship service, to act upon the following articles:


Article I.  To choose, if necessary, a chairperson to preside over said meeting.


Article II.  To hear and act upon the reports of the clerk, treasurer, auditors, Church Council, Support Boards, and of such other officers and governing bodies as may be present.


Article III.  To elect a rising moderator, clerk, assistant clerk, treasurer, assistant treasurer, auditor, and such other officers and members of governing bodies as the Church may require for the ensuing year.


Article IV.  Completed HVAC, Fire Protection, and Renovation Work in the Parish House – Legally-Mandated Fire Protection Work Still Needed in the Balance of the Church Complex


  • To hear reports from:
    • the Master Plan Committee on the construction work completed in the Parish House during 2019, and
    • Church Council on the circumstances leading to the issuance of a related construction permit conditioned upon the Church’s commitment to complete the installation of code-compliant fire protection systems throughout the balance of the Church complex by June 2021 (the “June 2019 Construction Permit”).
  • To affirm the actions taken by Church Council in June 2019 in connection with the issuance of the June 2019 Construction Permit.
  • To hear and act upon a recommendation by Church Council to:
    • Complete the fire protection work required by the June 2019 Construction Permit during the summer of 2020; and
    • Finance the cost of such work, which was initially estimated to be $800,000 and is currently estimated to be $1,060,000, in accordance with funding recommendations to be made by the Stewards Support Board.


Article V.  Remaining HVAC Work in the Balance of the Church Complex, including Converting from Oil to Gas – and from Steam to Hot Water.


To hear and act upon a recommendation from Church Council to:

  • Complete, concurrently with the fire safety work described in Article IV above, the remaining HVAC system work needed in areas of the Church other than the Parish House; and
  • Finance the cost of the HVAC system work, which was initially estimated to be $1,050,000 and is currently estimated to be $1,440,000, in accordance with funding recommendations to be made by the Stewards Support Board.


Article VI.  To review and act upon the Budget for the coming year, as presented by the Stewards Support Board and supported by Church Council, to meet the expenses, the benevolences and any indebtedness of the Church, with funds to be raised as indicated.


Article VII.  To transact any other business not included in the above which may legally come before the meeting.


Richard J. Sweeting, Clerk

January 14, 2020


General Instructions


  • Copies of this year’s Annual Report are available in the North and South Narthices, in the foyer just outside the Reception Room, and on the rectory table in the North Mezzanine of the Assembly Room. Please share with those sitting beside you.
  • A light luncheon will be served in the Assembly Room following next Sunday’s Worship Service – and this year’s Annual Meeting itself will be held there.
  • The materials which will be reviewed at the Annual Meeting itself will be in white envelopes on the tables we will be using during the light luncheon.
  • The service will be shortened to accommodate those who have after-church commitments. We strongly encourage you to stay for the Annual Meeting.
  • Childcare will be provided on the third floor of the Parish House during the meeting.
  • When the Moderator calls for the Annual Meeting to begin, please give her your full attention. We will need to perform a count for a quorum, and we need people in their seats to do so.
  • The meeting will begin when the quorum has been counted and confirmed.


Annual Meeting Procedural Guidelines


  • Only members are allowed to vote. Friends of the church are welcome to listen in and participate by speaking. You may sit anywhere.
  • The meeting agenda is the Call to the Annual Meeting – reprinted above.
  • Each agenda item will be brought to the floor by the Moderator, who will ask for the appropriate person—generally, the committee chair—to make a motion. That motion will be seconded, and then we will have discussion. Generally, the person who made the motion, or a designee, will speak first.
  • If you wish to speak to a particular agenda item, you may contact the Moderator in advance, and she will make sure that you are given time to speak.
  • Raise your hand to indicate you wish to speak. Before speaking, wait for an usher to deliver a microphone to you. Tell us your name—even if everybody knows you. Speakers should be direct, and to-the-point.
  • When all who wish to be heard have been heard, or a motion to “move the question” has been made and passed, we will have a voice vote.



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