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In June, the Christian Service Support Board (CSSB) begins the process of determining which organizations our Church should support through financial outreach. CSSB manages distribution of funds, but also has an obligation to discern and represent the wishes of the congregation regarding which organizations to support. The list of organizations which we currently support (which is detailed in the brochures in the pews) is not static, and over the years many other organizations have benefitted from your generosity. We assume that again this year the congregation would like to continue making financial contributions to most, if not all, of the same recipients. The CSSB budget is limited, but we would like to hear from the congregation if there are recipients which we should consider not funding this year or new organizations which should be considered. Please contact a member of CSSB if you would like to suggest alternative or supplemental recipients. Unfortunately, adding new recipients might necessitate eliminating one or more of the current ones. If you are suggesting a new organization let us know the name of the group, why you think they should be supported, how to contact them and whether you feel this organization should replace or reduce funding to a specific organization currently on our list.


Harold Wilkinson, CSSB Chair

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