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Committees & Ministry Teams

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Adult Education

The Adult Education Ministry Team develops educational programs for adults in the church; designs, organizes, and sponsors these programs; and coordinates information and logistics for adult education activities.

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African Indian Alliance

The African Indian Alliance was formed to support the Siddi people (African Indians) living in the state of Karnataka in southwestern India. The Siddis are descendants of Africans who arrived in India over 600 years ago as a result of the Indian Ocean slave trade. Over the centuries the Siddis have been forced into debt-induced slavery, human trafficking, and subsistence living. The AIA’s goal is to enhance the dignity and economic well-being of the Siddis through education and related programs.

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Bell Choir (the Hills Bells)

This inter-generational handbell choir plays once a month during the church’s regular Sunday morning worship service and during most special worship services, such as Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve.

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Board of Deacons/Spiritual Care Support Board

The Spiritual Care Support Board serves to minister to the spiritual needs of the congregation. In addition to the various Ministry Teams which fall within the scope of the Spiritual Care Support Board’s responsibilities – including the Care Team, Chancel, Membership, Music, Parish Life, Pastor Parish, Seniors and Ushering Ministries (see below) – the Board of Deacons is central to this support Board’s mission. More specifically, the Board of Deacons coordinates memorial teas, assists ministers with communion, visits those in need, delivers holiday cards and flowers and facilitates Lenten and Advent study groups and lay-led worship services during the church year. Deacons are also responsible for bringing new members into the church, greeting visitors, and serving as Baptismal hosts.

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Care Team Ministry

The Care Team Ministry is a lay ministry responsible for helping to ensure the pastoral care needs of the congregation are met by organizing the congregation’s efforts to reach out to other members in need with the encouragement of a card, a ride, a meal, a visit or a phone call.

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Chancel Ministry Team

The Chancel Ministry Team is primarily responsible for the floral arrangements and plants in the church, including decorating for Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. The team also administers donations for chancel flowers and works with other ministry teams and church staff regarding the decoration of the sanctuary.

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Children’s Ministries (CE)

The Children’s Ministries’ mission is to provide Christian Education programs for all of the children and youth of the church, from the crib room through the church school – and includes a focus on childcare for our littlest ones and religious education for our children and teens.

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Christian Service Support Board

The Christian Service Support Board is responsible for overseeing the missionary ministry of the Church by supporting those Ministry Teams focused primarily on helping others, such as the Church’s Family Promise, Pumpkin Patch, and Habitat for Humanity Ministries.

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Church Council

The Church Council acts between Annual Meetings and special meetings of the congregation to carry out business that is not of sufficient importance to call a meeting of the congregation. Acting on behalf of the congregation, the Church Council is responsible for: approving the Church Budget for presentation to the Church; long-range planning; appointing members to fill vacancies on Support Boards and Ministry Teams; and coordinating the activities and operations of the Church, its Support Boards, and its Ministry Teams.  In addition, the Church Council directs the work of two Standing Committees: Personnel and Nominating. The Church Council is comprised of the three members of the Office of the Moderator; all other officers of the Church including the Treasurer, and Clerk; and four (4) at-large members elected by the church to serve four-year, overlapping terms. In addition, the Minister is an ex officio member of the Church Council.

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The Communications Ministry Team ensures that the Church communicates with its visitors, prospective new members and current members in an effective manner, and consistent with our Visioning Hallmarks. This committee also leads the Church’s strategic efforts to leverage the Internet in support of communications to its constituencies.

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Community Hour Ministry Team

The Community Hour Ministry Team offers hospitality and welcome to all those able to participate in the coffee and fellowship gatherings that take place in the Assembly Room of the church following each Sunday Worship Service.

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The Delegates serve as a link between the Hills Church and the larger UCC and to other denominations and religious groups, representing the church at UCC Association or Conference meetings, ecclesiastical councils and ecumenical councils.

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Faith Formation Support Board

The Faith Formation Support Board oversees opportunities for the formation of faith – in education and practice – for members of the congregation and the community of all ages, including children, youth and adults. The Ministry Teams supported by this Board include: Adult Education, Children’s Ministry, and Youth Ministry.

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Family Promise (Formerly, MIHN) Network

The Hills Church is a member of the Family Promise Metrowest Network, a group of houses of worship which take turns housing homeless families for a week at a time three to four times a year. The Hills Church FPN Team works with the church, and with the Network Director to plan each “hosting week.” Volunteers are solicited, supplies purchased, and schedules coordinated with the church.

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Greeters Ministry Team

The Greeters Ministry Team helps set the tone for worship as a place where all are warmly received. Organized into four teams, one for each Sunday of the month, this ministry reaches across our entire congregation, with participants ranging in age from a few months to 80 somethings.

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Habitat for Humanity

For a number of years WHCC has partnered with the Merrimack Valley chapter of Habitat for Humanity to give our members and friends the opportunity to live out their faith by serving our neighbors in need. Habitat for Humanity helps lower income families construct and purchase their own home, and our congregation helps by providing work crews three times each year.

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Membership Ministry Team

The Membership Team’s main responsibility is bringing new members into the church.  This includes welcoming and following up with visitors to the church; handling the needs of those wanting to know more about the church, overseeing the process of joining for new members; and orienting and welcoming new members into church life.

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Music Ministry

The Music Ministry Team works with the Director of Music and the ministers to offer a coordinated program of music, including the Chancel Choir, Special Music Sundays, the Handbell Choir, youth music activities and events featuring guest musicians.

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The Nominating Committee works with committee and Support Board chairs and ministry team leaders to connect with members of the congregation who may be interested in serving on a church committee, Support Board or ministry team and supports both the committee chairs/team leaders and church members through the recruitment/discernment process. For positions required by the church by-laws to be elected by the congregation, Nominating also presents the slate of nominees at the Annual Meeting.

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Office of the Moderator

The Office of the Moderator, consisting of the Current Moderator, Former Moderator and Rising Moderator, is responsible for the executive leadership of the Church. All three members of the Office of the Moderator are members of Church Council, with the Current Moderator responsible for presiding at all business meetings of the Church and serving as the chair of Church Council.

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Parish Life

The Parish Life Committee fosters community and caring within the congregation by facilitating social activities and opportunities for fellowship, to develop personal relationships and to contribute to the life of the church family.

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Pastor-Parish Relations

The Pastor Parish Relations Committee supports an open relationship between the clergy (and sometimes other staff) and the congregation, helping the pastor and members of the church share ideas, hopes, dreams and interpretations of mission.  It helps the clergy know what people in the church are thinking and provides a framework in which issues can be dealt with constructively and confidentially.

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The Personnel Committee works with the Senior Minister, Church Staff and other governing bodies regarding the Church’s administrative structure and personnel issues. This support includes: helping to define job responsibilities, set goals, establish parameters for job reviews and performance evaluations, and assist with employment decisions; providing confidential advice and counsel to assist the functioning of church staff; providing a forum in which issues among staff and/or among staff and clergy can be dealt with constructively and confidentially; and, making annual budget recommendations to the Stewards Support Board about salary and benefit offerings for the church staff and other such related issues. There are eight members of the Committee: six members are appointed by the Moderator, in consultation with the Senior Minister and current members of the committee, for three year terms; two liaison members, one from the Board of Deacons/Spiritual Care Support Board and one from the Stewards Support Board, appointed by their respective chairs and serving one year terms. The Senior Minister and the Moderator serve ex-officio.

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Property Maintenance

The Property Maintenance Ministry Team maintains and improves the church property in order to support the activities and ministries of the church, the first and foremost of which is to worship God. We work in a spirit of respect for tradition, concern for the safety and comfort of our members, kindness toward the environment and with an eye to the future.

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Seniors Ministry

The Seniors Ministry Team provides for spiritual growth, caring and fellowship of senior members of the church; develops programs for seniors to strengthen their sense of community; and supports the ministers in maintaining contact with seniors.

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Stewards Support Board

The work of the Stewards Support Board is concerned with the preservation of the church’s real and personal property and the management of its financial affairs, including the annual budgeting process and insurance matters.  The Ministry Teams supported by this Board include Auditing, Communications, Technology, Treasury and Property Maintenance.

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Teaching Parish

The Hills Church serves as a field education site for students in seminary training in the Boston area. The Teaching Parish Team supports student ministers by providing a confidential forum where they can reflect on their experience. The TPC is an ad hoc committee, and its members do not rotate on a regular basis. This is intended to provide continuity for the seminarians, who change every one or two years.

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The Technology Committee supports the church staff and community with the selection, implementation, maintenance and use of technology.

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The Ushering Committee is committed to establishing a warm, welcoming and comfortable sanctuary setting for Sunday worship.

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Women’s Ministry

The charter of the Women’s Ministry Committee is to engage and embrace all women of the church in Christian fellowship. The Committee offers meaningful opportunities for women to come together to develop communities for sharing, caring for themselves and others, and spiritual growth.

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Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry develops programs and events to support and nurture the youth of the church and to encourage youth engagement in the life of the church. This Ministry plans and promotes Junior and Senior Fellowship activities and service trips, sponsors educational opportunities for parents of adolescents and supports adult advisors and mentors.

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