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Open Forum

Open Forum

April 29, 2018 all-day

Even if you have already attended one of the other more narrowly-focused user group meetings, EVERYONE is strongly encouraged to participate in the Open Forum on Sunday, April 29, right after the Worship Service. Here are some of the topics which will be explored at this Open Forum:

  • What aspects of the church (physical or otherwise) do you most value?
  • Which spaces within the church complex do you feel most comfortable within? Why?
  • What physical aspects of the facility are working well but should be strengthened?
  • Are there any physical aspects of the facility that you feel are “out of bounds” or

    “untouchable”? Why?

  • Do you know of other facilities you have been to that you like? Why?
  • How important is achieving a higher level of quality?
  • What concerns might you have about the future space or a project?
  • What ideas do you already have about the Master Plan that you could volunteer?
  • What do you hope to achieve once the Master Plan is complete?
  • What goals/dreams do you have for the Church in regards to the physical space?

It is important that as many people as possible play an active role in this discussion. So we hope you will mark your calendars for the 29th now and make it a point to be there and share your thoughts freely.

In addition, you are also invited to share your ideas, questions, suggestions, hopes, and dreams, with any member of the Master Plan Committee or e-mail the Office of the Moderator (officeofthemoderator@hillschurch.org).

We thank everyone for your active participation in this process – and look forward to hearing your ideas!

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