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The outreach activity of our church has continued despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The members of the Christian Service Support Board (CSSB) have remained in touch with the organizations which we have supported financially. Here are reports from two of those organizations.


Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries maintains an active website and a regular e-mail outreach program. They encourage religious groups to meet while observing pandemic safety and offer to help facilitate those meetings. They operate their vehicle donation program and offered an “alternative gift fair” (choice of three charities) for Fathers’ Day. They publish a weekly prayer and they shared messages of solidarity from around the world as the US struggles for racial justice.


African Indian Alliance (AIA) has had to close its schools, resident hostel and the Play Home Program for very young children. Two staff members were given leave. Prior to departure of the children, the sisters added training on the coronavirus and conducted a special prayer service. Students in the lower standards had completed their exams, but exams for the upper standards have yet to be scheduled. The sisters call the parents of the children to check in on the family’s health and the student’s studies. The Basnal tuition center also had to close and the tutor is on leave. The sisters helped with awareness and education about the virus there. Summer computer training and spoken English classes have been postponed.

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