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Composed during their May 7, 2020 Gathering

God of hope,

God we are thankful for the ways people continue to creatively and thoughtfully reach out to one another. We are thankful for our families and for the resiliency of our kids.

We turn to you as we find ourselves desperately searching for truth, for concrete data and timelines, for goodness and hope. We keep looking for those beacons of light — for those people who don’t waiver, who stay positive, who continue to shine a light in the darkness. We need these people — help us to BE these people.

It feels as if we have hit a threshold. Our own “people” are antsy… restless… worried…

We have been coping really well, but our energy seems to be waning. Help us stay the course.

There is nothing else to do… but wait – and breathe…

So we ask you to help us to be patient with all this waiting and to remember to breathe…

Breathing is good.

We are thankful as we watch our neighborhoods coming together during this time. We celebrate as we watch everyone pull together to bring glimmers of joy and hope. We find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude as we have the gift of participating in birthday parades, number hunts, mask making, food delivering, and sidewalk art messages of love… When all goes back to normal — if all goes back to normal — we will cherish our neighbors more than before.

We pray, O God, for those who are sick, homeless, scared. We pray for a world so in need of your healing presence.

We pray for those working on the frontlines, those essential workers who look so tired. We pray for those who are alone and who are struggling with being isolated from others.

Help us to not make assumptions, to remain calm and to try not to take anything personally. For our hearts are raw — we are feeling it all and our hearts are holding it all.

Help us to trust in you, O God, and to remember to listen for your voice, to look for the ways that you are working in and through this time.

We lift all of this up to you, in the name of the one who came to be with us in the name of love, and who remains with us now and forever. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.


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