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Youth Service Trips

Service Trips
To be a global citizen and truly understand that “people in all parts of the world are our neighbors,” we must spend time in other places. We must meet people, see where they live, hear their stories, and allow their lives to become immersed in ours.

Our youth programs maintain strong emphasis on outreach via local service projects and mission trips. Projects can include leaf raking for members of the Church, serving meals on the Boston Common, or a service trip to New York City or Belize.

Watch a YouTube video of our Youth Group’s 2011 trip to Belize or 2014 trip to Belize.

Global Gateway Service Retreat: February 10-12

Who: Junior High School Youth (Grades 7-8)
Where: Heifer Farm, Rutland, MA

What: Global Gateway participants experience the daily struggles people in poverty face every day. Participants are given little– just some simple ingredients – and before they can eat, they build a fire and cook their own meal. The challenge continues on into the night as they sleep in simple housing, such as a Peruvian clay house. Participants in the two-night program gain a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture and life on the farm by participating in evening chores and enjoying a farm dinner on their first night. By living the lessons of poverty first-hand, participants come to understand the complications surrounding hunger and poverty and see their connection in creating change that brings possibility and hope to millions around the world.

Confirmation Retreat: March 10-11
City Reach Service Retreat: March 24-25

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