2022-2023 Church Lay Leadership

Moderator:  Jack Morgan

Rising Moderator: Laurie Otten

Former Moderator: Sarah Pedersen


Clerk: Rich Sweeting

Assistant Clerk: Kelly Ford

Treasurer: Nancy Simons

Assistant Treasurer: Nana Poku


Christian Service Support Board Chair: Mark Fraga

Faith Formation Support Board Chair: Mary Hill Canavan, David Otten

Spiritual Care / Deacons Support Board Co-Senior Deacons: Steve Goff and Janeen Hansen

Stewards Support Board Chair:  Andy Wilson

Church Council

Office of the Moderator: Jack Morgan, Laurie Otten, Sarah Pedersen

Clerk: Richard Sweeting

Treasurer: Nancy Simons

Christian Service Support Board Liaison: Doug Eisenhart

Faith Formation Support Board Liaison: Kristen Toffer

Spiritual Care / Deacons Support Board Liaison: Elaine Vildzius

Stewards Support Board Liaison: Tia Pinney


Ex Officio Members

Interim Senior Co-Ministers: Dr. Jill and Rev. Rick Edens

Associate Minister: Rev. Judy Swahnberg

Associate Minister for Youth and Family: Rev. Anne Marie Holloway