Celebrating 175 Years!


Happy 175th Anniversary Hills Church!

For 175 years the Hills Church has been a community of faith committed to following the way of Jesus!

These years have included an abundance of ministry, outreach, love and family.  We are a community that seeks to build a just world for all. We are forever grateful for the opportunities to serve our community and share the love of Jesus with everyone – for 175 YEARS!

175th Celebration Sunday Worship Service

Letters from Former Ministers

God’s expanding and all-embracing mission: A footnote.

When I was called to the Hills Church in July of 1989 as an associate minister for Christian education, little did I know as a footnote, that my family’s life would change. 

Though I began to focus on education with the help of a strong and dedicated team of clergy, parents, and students, I realized that immediate and extended families were equally important at the Hills Church. Before long, seniors, a men’s group, bible study teams, and the like mattered in the life of the church. Again, the church community rallied to take these subsets to the next level. As I refocused on the educational part for which I was invited to God’s vineyard at the Hills Church, the training of ministerial students became part of God’s vision for the church. Also, because of my bi-vocational life, the Indian ministry to Siddis became another important dimension of our collective responsibility. 

As a footnote to what God has done, continues to do, and will disclose for the future, I want to thank the church, the clergy, and the laity who supported me, guided, and taught me about church life in the suburb, and pointed me beyond the narrow confines of my life as a footnote, and that of my immediate family. May God use this anniversary to open new vistas beyond our imagination and resources. God bless us all on God’s expanding and all-embracing mission.

With the deepest gratitude and praise,