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Lay Led Worship in Wallace Chapel

March 23, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Faithfully gather for our lay-led service in Wallace Chapel with Jim McKinney @ 7pm. Dinner provided beforehand in the Reception Room @ 6pm.

In both our Old Testament and New, we find verses that emphasize not only the importance of speaking the truth rather than falsehood but also an obligation to discover the truth and to have the courage to speak that truth to power. In our lay-led service on March 15, 2017, we wrestled with the wisdom of these verses, and over the course of the last five years, we have witnessed both the consequences of not taking the verses seriously and what can be accomplished by those who do. On Wednesday evening, March 23, we will hold our first lay-led service of 2022 and we will revisit the wisdom of these verses lest we again take them for granted. Join us at 7pm for the service in Wallace Chapel.

Dinner prepared by Captain Marden’s Seafood at 6PM in the Reception Room.