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Adult Education

IMG_5633As busy adults, we understand that being active and engaged in your faith can be fulfilling on many levels. We’re excited to offer so many great programs for adults to connect not only with God, but with other like-minded members of the Hills Church through learning and goodwill. We encourage you to attend.

In addition to links to upcoming events on this site, you’ll find details on upcoming programs in the Sunday Order of Worship and in Events at the Hills, the church’s weekly newsletter. For planning purposes when food, printed readings, or transportation are involved, it is very helpful if you sign up by calling the church office at 781-235-4424 or emailing Church Administrator Cynthia Gordan at cynthia@hillschurch.org.

But please! Never hesitate to come whether you have signed up or not. Our welcome is warm and genuine, and our resources have a miraculous ability to meet the needs of all who come

Frequent Wednesday evening speakers, special Advent and Lenten series, workshops, after church lectures, and Sunday sermons are all cornerstones of the adult education program at the Hills Church.

To the right are some of the upcoming events.

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Field Trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
Among the many wonderful events organized by the Adult Education Ministry Team during 2016 was a special guided tour of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ masterpieces of Christian art collection. This popular “Sunday after-church” outing included an in-depth look at the MFA’s collection of frescoes, paintings, and sculpture from Medieval times, Renaissance artists like Duccio, Donatello, the Della Robbia family, Titian, on into the 17th century with artists such as Rubens, and those from the Dutch Golden Age.

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Lectionary Bible Study Group
The Hills Church Lectionary Bible Study Group has been meeting every Sunday morning at 8:45 a.m. in the Church Library for over fourteen years to discuss the Scripture that will be read during that Sunday’s service and, often, the musical and sermonic themes as well. Gaining a prior familiarity with the week’s Bible passages almost always deepens the experience of the Sunday morning worship service. The group uses as its guide the lectionary three-year cycle program widely utilized in North American Protestant churches. Study materials are circulated among the group in advance, and attendees take turns leading the weekly discussion.New attendees are always welcome. Please contact John and Dwin Schuler at johnanddwinschuler@verizon.net.

Lenten Study Groups
Lenten Study Groups provide an opportunity to deeply explore an aspect of our faith during the Lenten season. Led by members of the Board of Deacons over four weeks during Lent, there are several time slots available to accommodate nearly everyone’s schedule. Groups are small, so there is ample opportunity to share interpretations, experiences, and insights. A study guide is provided.

Souper Suppers
Souper Suppers provide us with a chance to come together over a simple meal of soup (hence “Souper Supper”), salad, and bread to learn and explore a topic together. Sponsored by the Adult Education Committee, these events covered a range of interests in the past year. We learned more about our mission activities in India, engaged in lively discussions with experts on the Muslim and Hindu faiths, and discussed the views of a pair of modern theologians. Generally, pre-preparation is not necessary, but at times selected readings are provided. Souper Suppers are generally held every other month on a Wednesday evening.


In preparation for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, our former seminarian, Adam Isbitsky, led a seminar in 2016:

The Protestant Reformation comes into its 500th year in 2017. In this session we will introduce the basics of some of the main people involved in the Reformation and their historical contexts. We will discuss important concepts that differentiated then-new Protestant theology and ecclesiology from the dominant Christian paradigms of the 16th century. We will trace themes of Protestantism that still flavor the United Church of Christ today, with a focus on the heritages of the Hills Church’s history.

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